At Generative Consulting Partners, we are committed to helping leaders and organizations reach their full potential. We believe that organizations only need to integrate additional information and strategies into their existing frameworks to excel.

Transformational Growth and Leadership

We innately practice and teach transformational leadership skills. Establishing clear communication and connection with the executives and leaders that work with us enables them to make positive change within their organizations.

Authentic People-Centered Solutions



Comprehensive solutions and technical assistance to position early-stage ventures and nonprofits as attractive partners to receive significant public sector and philanthropic investment.  Tools include operational assessments, infrastructure design, policy development, community needs assessments, business modeling, landscape analysis and fundraising frameworks.



Results-oriented strategies to optimize talent all with a lens towards advancing equity. Customized one-on-one coaching for executives or young leaders looking to transform themselves and their organizations, with specialized expertise in supporting Black and Brown leaders. Group coaching and team building services available to transform culture.



Forward-thinking approaches to create governance structures that optimize organizational impact. Our work includes tools to evaluate board performance, governance and fundraising trainings, strategies for CEO succession planning, and best practices for building a powerful diversity, equity and inclusion plan for the board that amplifies impact.



Creative approaches to maximize impact through grantmaking.  Thought partnership to advance equity and provide concrete support to Black and Brown-led partners. Expertise in facilitating focus groups to source critical feedback from partners to strengthen investment practices. Opportunity to support grantees through coaching or direct technical assistance.

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Visions for the future, but not sure where to turn?



We are here and are able to analyze the organization and capacity of a company no matter the size.



From board development to organizational succession planning and transition management, it is all available with Generative Consulting Partners.

Business Meeting

Growth & Expansion

Embarking on growth and expansion within an organization?



Find everything you need within Generative Consulting Partners. From infrastructure assessment and risk management to policy development.


We are here to provide strategic guidance to build functional areas for new or growing organizations as well as guide the strategy of business models toward the best ways to leverage funding from public sector sources and more.

Public Speaker

Leadership Navigation


Looking for a keynote speaker or a tenured panelist for an engaging and transformational discussion?


Dawn Holden Woods more than qualified and available to speak at events and conferences.



She is capable of speaking at a wide range of events including but not limited to; nonprofits, foundations, and social impact organizations as well as early-stage and small businesses.

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