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Spring Point Partners

Guidance and Grace

What Start-up Founders Need from Experienced Board Members

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Early Learning Nation

Community Mothers

Dr. Crystasany R. Turner on the Crucial Role of Black Family Child Care Providers

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The Bellevue Corner

Child Welfare in Pennsylvania

For this first episode, join hosts Mustafa, Dawn, and Kristina as they chat about the state of child welfare and challenges in Pennsylvania in reponse to the January 5th tragedy in the city of Philadelphia, and what comes after the pandemic.

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Scatter Good Foundation

Black Leaders Shaping the Future of Behavioral Health: Dawn Holden Woods, MPA

What does Black history mean to me?

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Career & Workplace

2020 Minority Business Leader Awards

Dawn Holden Woods, Turning Points for Children

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Career & Workplace

Power moves: Public Health Management Corporation announces C-suite hires

Plus, high level hires at United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern NJ, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Children’s Scholarship Fund, Community Partnership School, University of the Arts and more.

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We're going live with Dawn Holden Woods!

The CEO of Turning Points for Children and Managing Director of Children and Family Services,

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Pennsylvania Capital Star

Food stamps literally keep families alive in Philly

Help us stop the Trump benefit cuts | Opinion

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The Philadelphia Citizen


100 WOMEN PHILADELPHIA Total Donations to Local Philadelphia Organizations: $299,900

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Storied social service agency names CEO, the first African American female in its history

First African American woman CEO at Turning Points for Children

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